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Welcome to We are home to KTIL 95.9FM, KDEP105.5FM and KTIL 1590AM. We have been servicing the Tillamook area since 1946. We are proud to be active in the community.

Nestucca Valley Athletic Supporters, Dreaming Big and Working Hard Together

By April Bailey The Nestucca Valley Athletic Supporters have come a long way since their beginnings. What started as a plan to improve existing ball parks on several school grounds, has expanded to a full use sports facility multiplex in one location. Through the combined efforts of Nestucca Valley Athletic Supporters, Nestucca Valley School District, and the community at large, the project is realizing some of its lofty goals. Officially NVASi came to formation as a 501c3 non-profit in November... Read more →


OK, I think we’ve all learned a bit about earthquakes, tsunamis, and global warming over the last 20 years. And learned that the Oregon Coast is a major impact area for all of those. ( Good news! Seaside is relocating their schools out of the tsunami zone. (Hooray!) Manzanita is relocating their city offices outside the inundation zone into earthquake resistant buildings. (Hooray #2!) But it seems time that we take some more extensive actions. * SHOULDN’T WE BE UPDATING... Read more →

Obituary – Jeanne Michelle “Shelly” Suzanne Bowe

Jeanne Michelle “Shelly” Suzanne Bowe was born Sept. 25, 1955 in Riverside, Calif. and died June 22, 2017 in Gresham, Ore. Shelly is preceded in death by her parents Donovan K. and Patricia M. Bowe, and brother Kenneth M. Bowe. Shelly is survived by her husband Richard Jones of Tillamook Ore.; daughter Coral and husband Ryan, granddaughters Stella and Freya Hammond of Portland, Ore.; daughter Laurel Genzoli of Ashland, Ore.; and sister Melanie and husband Neil Tatom of Abilene, Texas.... Read more →


By Andrew Jenck The Transformers movie series is widely regarded as everything that is wrong with modern Hollywood blockbusters, being overly long, pandering, mindless action movies that still appease the mainstream audience. While I don’t hate the franchise as much as others, I do find it sad that we’ve now made it to part five. I want to make this abundantly clear: if you’ve seen any of the previous Transformers movies, you’ve seen The Last Knight. Nothing new is added... Read more →

CARTM overflows with stuff, pausing to unclog

CARTM knew this day would come, but never imagined it would need to be at the beginning of the busy summer season. “We’ve run out of room!” said CARTM’s Executive Director Karen Reddick-Yurka. “Our community has been so generous, donating their reusable items that we have no space left to process anything else – for now. We moved a ton of wonderful stuff at our sidewalk sale in May, but the building is full again already! We must overhaul our... Read more →

Highway 101/6 Project Update – June 23

With the summer now here in full swing, the new plaza is available for events and public gatherings.  Vehicles will not be allowed on it until the project is totally complete next summer.  If you have ideas about an event that you would like to see or sponsor, please contact the Sierra at the Chamber for assistance with putting it together. Meanwhile, the lightweight concrete crews have finished their work and left town.  The sidewalk work on Pacific continues its... Read more →

Historic Rockaway Beach Visitors Center’s Caboose Gets TLT Grant-funded Remodel

Pictured: Michele Bradley and Pami Boomer, POTB, Meghan Burdick, Visit Tillamook Coast, Emma Poulsen, Kristine Hayes, Jeremy Horton, Maureen Taylor, Anne McBride PHOTO BY DON BEST On Friday June 23rd at 4 pm the ribbon cutting for the Rockaway Beach Visitors Information Center and historic caboose re-model resulting from a local TLT grant launched the weekends activities, including the Pirates Festival. The Rockaway Beach Chamber of Commerce is excited to share the recently completed remodel to the Visitors Information Center... Read more →

Science on the Grill with ODFW Marine Reserves Program June 27

Science on the Grill, June 27th 2017, 12 – 3 pm, Garibaldi (near the boat launch). Enjoy an afternoon of free BBQ with a side of science! The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Marine Reserves Program is hosting a BBQ for fishers and interested community members to share some results of our Spring 2017 marine research, let people know about upcoming Fall 2017 fieldwork, provide information about how to volunteer / get involved with our science, and be available... Read more →

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