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Walk Neskowin’s historic homes

A quick stroll through Neskowin is all it takes to notice the historic charm.
What was once primarily a farming and dairy community, has grown into a beachside neighborhood. Visitors are drawn to the area for the dramatic views of Proposal Rock, but are captivated by the atmosphere of the pristine, sleepy village.
A self-guided, walking tour of the historic Neskowin homes is a must.
Using Jan Boutin’s Historic Neskowin Village by the Sea sketch book, spend the afternoon enjoying one of the Tillamook Coast’s villages. Each page of the sketch book gives a brief history of several Neskowin homes and buildings.

Like the Community Cookhouse.
This Hawk Creek Drive cottage was built in 1910 and is one of the oldest cottages today in Neskowin. It was originally built as a community cookhouse for people who rented tiny sleeping cottages nearby.

Or the cottage of Sally Calkins Maxwell. In the 1950s, Sally, and Jean Spaulding were co-editors of the Yamhill News that reported on local activities in Neskowin. Stories included Mrs. East battling a bat, a flu bug invading town, and Mrs. Nicholas returning from Portland.

And some people call Neskowin, Next-of-kin because homes rarely are put up for sale. Such as the Parrot House. This cabin remained within the same family for nearly 100 years after being built in 1914. It gained its name because the owners were often seen walking around with parrots on their shoulders.
Copies of the Historic Neskowin Village by the Sea can be purchased at the Café on Hawk Creek in Neskowin.
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