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JUNE DAIRY PARADE, June 23rd – Parade route Starts at 11th and Main, to head up Fourth Street this year

From Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce:
61st Annual Dairy Parade – begins at 11 am from 11th and Main. Route change … turning on 4th St. then Pacific to 3rd St.

You probably remember last year, the parade route was “flipped” to start on 11th and end at Goodspeed Park.

This was a renowned success in terms of getting the highway open to traffic quicker. While we anticipated using the same route this year, we all know and understand that construction in downtown Tillamook and the safety of all parade goers and watchers takes precedence. After we consulted with Police Chief Terry Wright about our safety concerns, we decided the best way to minimize risk while still maximizing the experience for parade goers is to head up Fourth Street instead of Third Street this year. So if you’re planning to come out and watch the 61st annual June Dairy Parade on June 23rd, just remember you’ll need to line up along Fourth Street, between Main and Pacific, this year.

Next year (2019), the parade route will change once again as construction in downtown Tillamook will be completed and we will (finally!) be able to route the parade all the way to First Street!

Source: Tillamook County Pioneer

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