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Welcome to We are home to KTIL 95.9FM, KDEP105.5FM and KTIL 1590AM. We have been servicing the Tillamook area since 1946. We are proud to be active in the community.

ODF sends fire engines and personnel to help suppress large Southern California wildfire

ODF has sent 25 engines and over 60 firefighting personnel to help in the effort to suppress big wildfires in Southern California. The Oregon firefighters traveled from various points around the state to California on Friday and Saturday. All arrived over the weekend at the California Southern Region Prado Mobilization Center in Chino, about 35 miles east of Los Angeles. ODF mobilized engines and firefighters from several districts on both sides of the Cascades to ensure that all districts were... Read more →

Chanukah Oh Chanukah, Come Light The Menorah!

By Judith Yamada, The Kitchen Maven Although Chanukah is a relatively minor holiday in the Jewish calendar, it’s very popular with Jewish families. It’s a time for decorating homes and preparing special foods, like potato latkes and sufganiyot (filled donuts). This year it starts on December 12th. Jews light a menorah/hanukkiah annually, on each night of Chanukah, to commemorate the rededication of the Temple of Jerusalem in 164 B.C.E . The menorah is a candelabrum with nine branches for its... Read more →

Santa Loves all Abilities

Manzanita Visitor Center welcomes everyone to join in a visit with Santa on Friday, December 15, from 1PM – 4PM. This is a naturally small setting for those who may need less crowd and more quiet time with Santa. Gluten free treats from The Roost in Wheeler will be provided. Bring your family, friends, and camera to celebrate the season. The Manzanita Visitor Center is steps away from the beach and beach-wheelchairs are available, free of charge. FACT Oregon thanks... Read more →

Occupy your kitchen this holiday season by making gifts from your pantry

By Dana Zia, The GoLightly Gourmet “All I ever wanted to do was to make good food accessible to everyone.” Jamie Oliver Ah the holiday season is upon us. I do love the energy, lights and spirit of the holidays yet the constant pressure to give more gifts than you can afford is the downside. Gifts are such a wonderful way of expressing appreciation and affection but the relentless stress from our consumer driven culture is overwhelming this time of... Read more →

ASTROLOGY: Mercury in Retrograde, Going Backwards

By Madame Dana Zia How ya all doing out there? Yes, the planets and the stars have been busy stirring the pot and things are getting complicated. One of the things complicating the cosmos is on December 3rd Mercury, the fast planet that goes around our sun in a mere 88 days, went retrograde. This basically means backwards it went backwards and will be that way till December 23rd. Now let me try to explain that. First off, planets do... Read more →

Triumph tows disabled dragger with 42,000 lbs of fish aboard through deep draft bar

ILWACO, Wash. — The Coast Guard towed a 58-foot fishing vessel after the crew lost use of their main engine about 17 miles west of Willapa Bay, Sunday, December 11th. A boat crew aboard the Triumph II, a 52-foot Motor Life Boat from Coast Guard Cape Disappointment, met the crew of the fishing vessel Ashlyne, a 58-foot dragger with four people and 42,000 pounds of fish aboard, and safely towed them across the Columbia River bar into Astoria, Oregon. The... Read more →

WARNING: Large pothole, Netarts Bay Road at Wilson Beach Ave.

Use caution in this area of Netarts Bay Road. Thanks to Laurie Ouverson for this photo of a large pot hole on Netarts Bay Road and Wilson Beach Avenue, and she reports that someone blew a tire out earlier in the week. And on Friday, she noted that the cone had been removed, so all the traffic was hitting the hole. The Pioneer has notified Tillamook County Public Works about the hazard. Source: Tillamook County Pioneer (Visited 4 times,... Read more →

Final Port for First Ichimaru on North Oregon Coast Beach

“The US Coast Guard reported a derelict vessel had come ashore between Hug Point and Arcadia Beach sometime around 2:50 p.m., Saturday December 2nd” said Ben Cox, Park Manager, Nehalem Bay State Park. “Ranger Ken Murphy responded and discovered a fiberglass boat lying on its top, covered in pelagic barnacles.” The King Tides of last weekend brought something more than extreme waves, a 45-foot boat with Japanese lettering, Photos by Don Best named the “First Ichimaru” loaded with barnacles and... Read more →

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