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Take a brewhouse and winery tour on the Tillamook Coast

Posted by on Apr 10, 2017 in Visit Tillamook Coast | Comments Off on Take a brewhouse and winery tour on the Tillamook Coast

The Tillamook Coast is known for many things: beautiful sandy beaches, endless waterways, museums, and interpretive trails. Add one more option though! Book a tour to visit the establishments that specialize in local wine vintages, hardy and hoppy brews of beer and artisanal wild-style ale.
Tillamook Eco Adventures offers just that in their Brewhouse & Winery Tour. Visitors will not only taste the local products, but also have the benefit of a local guide who’ll load the drive time between spots with area anecdotes of living along the Tillamook Coast.
Enjoy the scenic area of the Miami Foley Valley as you head north to visit your first stop at the Nehalem Bay Winery.
Nehalem Bay Winery is just one of the many stops on the Tillamook Eco Adventures tour.
Their first vintage dates back to 1974 where the founder, Patrick McCoy, created the very first run of their famous blackberry wine. Since then, they’ve added a variety of classic wines such as a delicious Pinot Noir, subtle Chardonnay, spicy Gewurztraminer, a fruity Valley Peach, the original Blackberry of course, and much more.
Heading back down toward Tillamook, the tour’s next stop is the Pelican Pub Taproom. Just under five-years old, this satellite establishment of the original location in Pacific City provides visitors to Tillamook and locals a great place to have beer and food. A free flight of beer tastings are provided in the tour as well.
The Brewhouse & Winery Tour stops at the Pelican Taproom in Tillamook.
From there the tour travels to deGarde Brewing near the Tillamook Air Museum. deGarde specializes in Wild-Beer: an open-air fermentation process that eliminates the need for laboratory-grown yeasts.
degrade Brewing in Tillamook
Finally, the tour ends at The Blue Heron French Cheese Company. Go inside and enjoy a tasting of regional Northwest wines that will be sure to entice the visitor and local alike.
As well as sampling wines, make sure and try out their French cheeses, homemade dips, sauces, soups, salads and sandwiches. Check out the outdoor petting zoo with the family too!
Tillamook Eco Adventures offers by-reservation tours. Tours go for approximately three hours and the tasting fees are included at most stops.
Source: Visit Tillamook Coast

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Tillamook’s Zweifel Eggs in high demand

Posted by on Apr 9, 2017 in Visit Tillamook Coast | Comments Off on Tillamook’s Zweifel Eggs in high demand

The farm has gone to the chickens—literally. Outside her front window, Pam Zweifel sees thousands of chickens roaming their pasture, scratching the soil and gleaming with good health.
She can also see her husband, Larry, zipping around in the farm collecting the 1,700 eggs the hens lay each day. Larry runs the eggs through a commercial egg-washing machine, puts them in cartons and sends them off with his delivery van daily to some of the top end restaurants and bakeries on the Oregon Coast.
Egg washing in action.
Coasties and visitors alike flock to purchase the eggs.
“‘You’ve got the best eggs I’ve ever eaten.’ We hear that one all the time,” said Pam.
The Zweifels are retired Tillamook dairy farmers. Six years ago, Larry decided it was time to focus on his true farming passion—poultry. He began his farming career as a teenage with 800 laying hens for an FFA project.
He met Pam, the granddaughter of poultry industry legend J.A. Hanson, when they were college students at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Ore.
Zweifel Farms
After marrying they returned to Larry’s family’s dairy—the cheese and milk market were more stable than the egg market at that time.
When Larry retired from milking cows, his thoughts turned once more to raising hens. He dreamed of a fully pastured poultry farm and began building chicken coops on the frames of old trailers. Today, the hens roam freely, eating insects and worms and laying enormous eggs.
The day’s collection, waiting to be washed.
After 49 years being married to Larry, Pam said she enjoys seeing him fulfill his dreams.
“He’s out there every day. And he loves it.”
For a list of stores to purchase Zweifel Farm’s Eggs, visit their website.
Source: Visit Tillamook Coast

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Coastal camps: Summertime enrichment for the kids

Posted by on Apr 8, 2017 in Visit Tillamook Coast | Comments Off on Coastal camps: Summertime enrichment for the kids

Planning on a family vacation on the Tillamook Coast this summer? If you’d like kid-free time or some summertime enrichment, consider giving your children a coastal day camp or overnight camp experience.
From North to South Tillamook County, outdoor adventure and art await! Here are some favorite kids’ camps:
North Tillamook Coast
Hoffman Center for the Arts, Manzanita

The Hoffman Center hosts both day and weekend classes throughout the summer. Some classes are for adults only, others are for families. In August, the center hosts a week-long art day camp for youth.  Check the Hoffman Center’s website for their 2017 calendar of events.
Set in a beautiful historic building at the top of the hill in Nehalem, the North County Recreation District has a swimming pool and newly remodeled theatre. The NCRD offers drop in daycare during the summer months and boasts an art, science and theatre camp every summer.

NCRD Mudd Nick Art Camp
Three one-week sessions are held for you to choose from, as each child is limited to one week of attendance. Children entering grades first through fifth are welcome with a maximum capacity of 20 attendees each week.
NCRD ‘Forest to Sea’ Science Camp
The Forest to the Sea Science Camp is held in early summer. Taught by Peter Walczak, this camp provides a fascinating glimpse into the forest and sea in a perfect location.
NCRD Mudd Nick Theatre Camp
The Mudd Nick Foundation Theatre Camp is held during the late summer for one week.
Rockaway Beach

Twin Rocks Friends Camp has a 99-year tradition of camping excellence on the Oregon Coast. Year after year, families plan a summer vacation around their kids’ camping experience.
With acres of outdoor adventure, a lake chock full of fish and daily trips to the ocean, youth love Twin Rocks. There is also a zip line and an indoor recreational area. An outdoor amphitheater gives youth time to roast marshmallows while laughing at group skits.
Adding to the magical atmosphere is that Twin Rocks camp staff is exemplary, said Christine Becker, Guest Services Director at the facility. Camp counselors are carefully screened and hired for the entire summer. The camp undergoes a vigorous accreditation program too.
Camper cabins are complete with shower and bathroom facilities, and “people tell us our food is outstanding,” Christine said. The kitchen staff at Twin Rocks hand makes cookies and breads and “works very hard to accommodate special needs food requests.”
Twin Rocks is a year-round facility that hosts both religious and non-religious groups. They can accommodate varying group sizes, mid-week or weekend experiences.
“We don’t want guests to come and for it just to be another camp experience,” Christine added.
During the summer months, Twin Rocks offers overnight, week-long youth retreats as well as a day camp experience in early August.
Central Tillamook Coast
Bay City

The Bay City Arts Center is a delightfully low-key facility near the Bay City Park. During the summer they offer day camps, family art workshops, weekend pancake breakfasts and a slower-paced, summer-loving ambiance.
Check out their website for the summer schedule and be certain to carve some time for playing in the nearby park and the creek that meanders through it.

The Oregon State University Extension Office has long offered summer educational classes for children in grades Kindergarten through 12.
“Our camps are not just for county youth,” said Amy Schmid with OSU Extension. “We have had youth participate from others places while they are visiting friends and family here in Tillamook.”
All OSU classes are day classes. Some are for five days, others for one or two. Classes can be half or full day experiences, she said.  Art, sewing, cooking, gardening and outdoor survival are a sampling of classes offered.
For further details, visit their website and then click on the “latest news” link.
South Tillamook Coast

A few miles up Slab Creek Road, Neskowin Valley School is a forest wonderland haven for children who love the outdoors.
During the summer months, the private school opens its door for summer fun for both area children and summer vacationers ages three to 12.
“Our camps are open to kids outside of our county,” said Erica Sota, school development director. Often, she said, parents vacationing in Lincoln City, Neskowin or Pacific City will sign their children up for a summer day camp at the school.
Neskowin Valley School camps give children an “outdoor experience,” she said. “NVS is all about curriculum and activities that are outdoor-based.”
“We are really passionate about creativity,” Sota said of the school’s small theater and commitment to teaching art. “Along with that, we give kids access to the ocean” through guided walks and exploring tide pools. Often campers play in Slab Creek, which meanders through the school. A trip to a nearby farm is often on the day camp agendas.
Source: Visit Tillamook Coast

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Top 10 Family Activities in Manzanita

Posted by on Apr 7, 2017 in Visit Tillamook Coast | Comments Off on Top 10 Family Activities in Manzanita

To be given 72 hours in Manzanita, Oregon is a fantastic gift. In my wildest dreams, I’d get a long vacation in this friendly, vibrant small town on Oregon’s Tillamook Coast. On our three-day visit to this coastal destination, we discovered so many activities that we’re already planning the next great Manzanita adventure.
Manzanita is brimming with choices for every interest—families, foodies and fishermen alike. The town’s down-to-earth vibe makes it comfortable and relaxing for visitors. A friend referred to Manzanita as “Pointman for the Oregon Coast.”
These are my family’s top 10 things to do in Manzanita throughout the seasons:

Walk or run the beach at low tide: With seven miles of long, sandy beach, you can walk or run as long as your heart desires! Bring a friend, kids or even your canine companion to explore the shoreline on this terrific coastal adventure.

Take your dog on a tour of the town: I have yet to know a more dog-friendly town than Manzanita. It’s apparent everywhere you go—from the dog water bowls in the front of stores, to the doggie waste stations and the happy pups on leashes all over town. When we visit, we make sure to run our dogs on the beach and buy a new toy at their favorite pet store, Four Paws on the Beach.

The whole family, including your loyal companion, will have a great time in Manzanita.

Relax at the spa: Enter full relaxation mode with a spa service at one of the area’s boutique day spas. Spa Manzanita and Longevity Massage are two popular options to create your own unique spa day. My friends and family have tried Spa Manzanita’s massage, body scrub, facial and pedicures. We can confirm: they do fancy spa right! Make sure to stop in their Zen Room, where you’ll enjoy peace and solitude after your spa service.

Be sure to take some time to relax on your vacation at Spa Manzanita.

Appreciate the arts: The community is full of artistic talent, which you’ll notice throughout town in art galleries, public sculptures, gardens, and in the town’s beloved Hoffman Center for the Arts. The Center provides artistic, cultural and educational activities in north Tillamook County. With a beautiful gallery and programs like its Clay Studio, Manzanita Writers’ Series and community concerts, the Center is truly a community within a community—a niche of creativity, a breath of fresh air.

Take time to appreciate the art at the Hoffman Center for the Arts.

Taste a variety of foods, wines, brews: You’ll find a nice variety of restaurants in Manzanita. Bread and Ocean Bakery is a wonderful breakfast spot, and we often visit Manzanita News & Espresso for a cup of joe before heading out for the day. There are lunch spots, cafes, pubs and a wine bar. If you want dinner to-go, our favorite is Marzano’s Pizza Pie, where the dough is freshly made.

Taste the variety at Marzano’s Pizza Pie.

Visit the bookstore – An absolute favorite and a must-visit destination is one of Tillamook Coast’s favorite independent bookstores: Cloud & Leaf Bookstore. The store has a terrific variety of books. They generally offer free shipping and provide helpful, hand-written recommendations for books featured along the bookshelves.

Check out the shops: Any shopaholic would agree that Manzanita has to be one of Oregon’s best secret small towns for shopping. Explore the latest merchandise in stores up and down Laneda Ave. I like to start at my long-time favorite clothing store Unfurl and work my way down, stopping at Salt and Paper, Toylandia, Manzanita Sweets and visiting my new favorite eclectic boutique, T-Spot.

Check out the shops in Manzanita including Toylandia.

Rent beach bikes for the family: Bahama Mama’s on Laneda Ave. has any board or bike you need! The new fat tire bike rentals are a hit, as are the sit-down cruiser bikes and boogie boards. Cruise around in style and create your own fun on Manzanita beach.

Relish nature: There is no limit to outdoor adventures in the Manzanita and Nehalem

Take a guided tour of area waterways with SUP Manzanita
Visit Nehalem Bay State Park
Hike Neahkahnie Mountain
Go horseback riding with Oregon Beach Rides in the summer
Hire a fishing guide for the Nehalem Bay

North Fork of the Nehalem River.

Play 9 holes at Manzanita Golf Course: Manzanita Golf Course is a popular recreational place for visitors and locals alike. The 9-hole course can be played year-’round as it is built on sand, so rain doesn’t pool. With a golf pro in-house and a driving range, there are golfing options for everyone.

If you’re planning a visit, reach out to one of the area’s rental management companies, or make a call to the Manzanita Visitors’ Center.
Source: Visit Tillamook Coast

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DIY Yarn and Fabric Tour on the Tillamook Coast

Posted by on Apr 6, 2017 in Visit Tillamook Coast | Comments Off on DIY Yarn and Fabric Tour on the Tillamook Coast

From Wheeler to Cloverdale, find the highest-quality fabrics and yarns right here on the Tillamook Coast
Why wait for an organized yarn and fabric crawl to hit the Oregon Coast, when you can create one yourself? With several yarn and fabric shops along the Tillamook Coast that specialize in everything from batik fabrics to Mirasol Yarns, you can crawl your way from Wheeler to Cloverdale in a sea of colorful yarn and fabulous patterns.
BJ’s Fabric and Quilts
BJ’s Fabric and Quilts is located in downtown Cloverdale.
Customers have been relying on BJ’s Fabric and Quilts for materials, patterns, and support for two decades.
Last June the storefront moved from the basement of owner Barbara Lewis’s home to a shop on Hwy 101 in downtown Cloverdale. The move was a long time coming to make the store more accessible to travelers and locals alike.
Inside, you’ll find a wide range of novelty fabrics and batiks – a centuries-old technique of dying fabrics. BJ’s batik fabrics come in dozens of phenomenal colors, and each has a high thread count, making them easy to work with.
BJ’s Fabric and Quilts will be a part of the Quilt Run 101 Feb. 10-20.
Shop manager Kathy Murphy says has been quilting since she was in middle school, and likes to run educational classes upon request – everything from introductory quilting to more complex stitches. And, BJ’s is a stop along the Quilt Run 101, happening this year from Feb. 10 – Feb. 20. This is their 17th year participating in the Quilt Run 101, which includes 12 shops from Astoria to Brookings. Stop by BJ’s for prizes, specialty quilting squares, and amazing deals.
Open seven days a week from 10 a.m.-5 p.m., BJ’s Fabric and Quilts is located at 38105 Hwy 101 S in Cloverdale.
Jane’s Fabric Patch
The explosion of colors when you walk in the door of Jane’s Fabric Patch is every quilter’s dream.
Plan to spend more than a minute when you make a stop at Jane’s Fabric Patch, which has been serving Tillamook for more than 30 years. The explosion of colors when you walk in the door is every quilter’s dream. And, it’s bigger than it looks – around each corner hundreds of fabrics, patterns, beads, and tools are waiting to be discovered for your next project. With more than 6,000 bolts on site, 90 percent of the designer fabrics are 100% cotton and durable to last a long time.
Jane also carries a generous assortment of patterns, tools, kits, notions, sewing machines and books for all skill levels and creative desires. The friendly staff offer a wide range of knowledge, skills and experience and love answering questions, problem solving and offering advice. Fridays often bring a crowd of people who can be found in the back room sewing, quilting and helping each other with projects.
Located at 1110 Main Avenue in the iconic pink house, Jane’s Fabric Patch is open Monday-Saturday from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. (4p.m. on Saturdays).
Tangled Yarns
Host your next knitting or sewing retreat at Tangled Yarns in Tillamook.
This isn’t your average yarn store! This colorful shop boasts tons of personality, and offers knitters everything from locally-spun yarns to commercially-prepared products. If you’re looking for European yarns, shop owner Candace Wilkins keeps her shelves stocked with Mirasol yarns, Cascade Pacific Yarn and of course Lily Sugar ‘n Cream – perfect for those cotton projects. Shoppers are encouraged to stop, stay awhile and work on their projects at the crafting table or enjoy a cup of cold brewed coffee. Join an open forum group on Wednesday and Fridays from 3-5 p.m. as a great way to meet new knitters, learn skills and socialize with friends.
And of course you’ll find needles, hooks, books, buttons, and other locally-made gifts, cards, and chocolates.
If you prefer to let someone else do the work for you, pick up any of their handmade shawls, hats, gloves, purses and other items usually created right in the store by local knitters. Candace also likes to host retreats, so if your knitting or sewing group is looking to hold a retreat on the Tillamook Coast, be sure to contact Tangled Yarns.
Located at 207 Main Ave. in Tillamook, Tangled Yarns is open Wednesday – Sunday from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Creative Fabrics
Learn to make a potholder or zippered pouches at Creative Fabrics in Wheeler.
Doris has owned and operated Creative Fabrics in Wheeler for 34 years, and is arguably one of the largest fabric stores along the Hwy 101 Quilt Run. This spacious storefront carries not only a bold and bright array of fabrics, but also some unusual items that you might not find at your average quilt shop – everything from oil clothes, home deck upholstery, trims, Velcro’s, elastics and other unique finds.
Doris offers regular classes beginning each year in February. Classes usually include how to make potholders, zippered pouches, potholders with machine-sewn binding, and Royal Applique. She also offers alterations on clothing, slipcovers, and pillows. Best of all, Doris is a great resource if you are new to quilting and aren’t sure where to start, or if you just need some creative inspiration.
Creative Fabrics is located at 475 US 101. They are open Monday-Saturday from 9 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. and Sundays from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
And remember, a great time to check out one or all of these stores is during the Quilt Run 101 from Feb. 10 – Feb. 20. This year’s theme is “Going Coastal” and participating stores will have a specialty quilting square that you can pick up for free. If you get a quilting square from each shop and put them together into a quilt, you can enter to win a grand prize Janome Gem sewing machine. And, each entrant will receive one yard of fabric. Each shop will also have special sales and raffles, and other prizes are available the more shops you visit. For more information, visit their website,
Source: Visit Tillamook Coast

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Ready, set, go! It’s fun run season on the Tillamook Coast

Posted by on Apr 4, 2017 in Visit Tillamook Coast | Comments Off on Ready, set, go! It’s fun run season on the Tillamook Coast

On a recent evening, I was running on the treadmill at the Tillamook YMCA and, at the end of my session, the gentlemen next to me took note of my workout.
“It’s that time of year, isn’t it?” he said in my direction.
I nodded in agreement: the fun run season is almost upon us.
On the Tillamook Coast, Run Tillamook is a series of fun runs that allows racers to earn points based on how many races they participate in and on how well one competes. Events consist of beach runs, road races, all terrain, and challenge courses.
So for all those runners/walkers out there, mark your calendars and get ready to race!
Pacific City Trail Run April 9, 10 a.m. Cloverdale

Formally known as the Tillamook Burn Trail Run, this race is a six mile course featuring “lung busting hills and eye-watering downhills.” Tent camping at the start/finish line is free to all participants. Overall and age division awards, as well as food will be given. Register online or starting at 8:30 a.m. the day of the race. Run begins at 10 a.m. Cost $40.*
Splash N Dash April 22, 10 a.m. Tillamook

The annual Splash N Dash run is a fundraiser for the improvement and maintenance of Bud’s Community Fitness Trail located around Tillamook Junior High School. This year, the race will be hosted at the school and the course will go along part of the trail. The 10k race begins at 10 a.m., followed by the 5k at 10:30 a.m., and the Kids quarter-mile run at 11 a.m. The race is chip-times and features music, awards, and snacks. Register online, or day of starting at 8:30 a.m. Cost $30.*
YMCA Milk Run June 24, 8 a.m. Tillamook

Before enjoying the Tillamook June Dairy Parade and Tillamook County Rodeo, get your exercise in and sign up for the Milk Run hosted by the Tillamook YMCA. Part of the proceeds benefit the YMCA. The 2-mile, 5k, and 10k all begin at 8 a.m., while the Kids Challenge Course begins at 9:30 a.m. Register online or day of. Cost: Kids Challenge $10, all other races $30.*
NCRD Manzanita Beach Walk/Run July 22, 9 a.m. Manzanita

Finishing photos for the North County Recreation District Manzanita Beach Walk/Run are picturesque as runners end their adventure where Neahkahnie Mountain meets the sand. The race starts in downtown Manzanita and ends on the beach. Snacks and awards will be given at the finish line. Register online or day of. The Kid’s mile run begins at 9:00, followed by the 10k run at 9:05, 5k walk at 9:10, and 5k run at 9:15. Cost is $18 for Kids mile run, $36 for all others. *
Pacific City Beach Challenge July 30, 9 a.m. Pacific City

The Pacific City Beach Challenge is a true beach run: out and back on the Tillamook Coast sand. All funds from the race support the Nestucca Valley Early Learning Center in Hebo. Starting at the Pelican Pub and Brewery, runners will receive complimentary Pelican Root Beer or Beer when they finish, along with award and snacks. Free Tech shirts are included in the price of registration. Kids half-mile run begins at 9:00 a.m., followed by the 10k run and 5k run/walk at 9:15 a.m. Kids half-mile run is $15, all other races are $25.* Register online or day of.
Tillamook Bay Run August 12, 10 a.m. Bay Ocean Spit (Tillamook/Cape Meares)

Have you heard the tales of Bay Ocean? The Tillamook Coast town that fell into the sea. Visit the former town site and run through a piece of history at the Tillamook Bay Run. The course takes runners down the Bay Ocean Spit through gravel, sand, hills and flats: a true all-terrain race. Music, awards, food and local beer (Schooner clam chowder and Pelican Microbrew) are all found at the finish. And as a bonus, cash prizes will be awarded to the overall winners of the 10k! Tech shirts are included in the price of registration. Both the 5k and 10k will begin at 10:00 a.m. and cost $30.* Sign up online or in person the day of the event.
The Ultimook Race September 2, Tillamook

This race is not just for the high school runners! Experience the fun for yourself in the open 5k race. Hosted at Tillamook’s Hydrangea Ranch, runners will race amongst the flowers, across the Kilchis River, around a corn maze, and of course, through the famous mud pit. Make sure to tie your shoelaces tight for this race or the mud may claim them! Register for the open race the day of. Times and prices to be announced closer to the event. Visit the race online for additional details and to learn more about the Ultimook Running camps.
The Run Tillamook Series also features the Warrior Love run, hosted in Nehalem, and the Three Capes Relay, which begins in Cape Meares. Both races are typically held in February.
*Prices are subject to increase.
Source: Visit Tillamook Coast

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