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2014 inductees are songwriter Hank Cochran and singers Mac Wiseman, and Ronnie Milsap.

Hank Cochran, born Garland Perry Cochran, August 2, 1935 in Isola Mississippi, died on July 15, 2010. He was a prolific song writer including the Patsy Cline hit “I Fall to Pieces” in 1960 and “Ocean Front Property” for George Straight in 1987.

Mac Wiseman, born Malcom Wiseman May 23, 1925 in Crimora Virginia, is a bluegrass singer/songwriter with an impressive folk following.

Ronnie Milsap was born January 16, 1943 in Robbinsville, North Carolina. He was born with a congenital eye disorder that left him blind and eventually led to the removal of both eyes. He’s written numerous country music hits, but he also has had a successful cross-over hits for pop.

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